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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The repayment plan is the most important part of your Chapter 13 paperwork.  Your repayment plan will describe in detail how (and how much) you will pay each of your debts. The plan will provide for the payment of arrearages (the amount by which you’ve fallen behind in payments), and allows payment of the arrearage in three to five years. 

The main advantage to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it often stops foreclosure of your home, or repossession of your automobile (or other property) in order to give you a fresh start. 

We are a debt relief agency.

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often called a “repayment plan.”  If you are behind on payment of secured debt (debts guaranteed by your home, land, a car title, jewelry, etc.), and have a regular source of income, it allows you to get caught up over a three to five-year period. 

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, where most of your unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills, signature loans, etc.) is cancelled, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you may have to pay pennies on the dollar to unsecured creditors.  Some clients pay nothing to unsecured creditors.  It all depends on your income.